New School Building

The estimated cost of the project is in the region of Rs.12.5 Crores.
M/s. Paranjpe and Deshpande, as Hon. Consulting  Architects have designed the school building and M/s. Phulkar & Kangutkar are overseeing the construction as our chartered architects. M/s. Kankon Managements are the Project Management Consultants and Shri. Harshad Gokani is helping the institution as the Structural Engineer.
A brief look at the comparative statement below will be helpful to understand the infrastructural enhancements planned.

Total Area under use Current Future
Classrooms 28 (500 Sq.ft. each) 40 (600 Sq.ft. each)
Laboratories 1 (1000 Sq.ft) 3 (1300 Sq.ft. each)
Computer Room 1 (500 Sq.ft) 1 (1300 Sq.ft)
Workshop 1 (1300 Sq.ft.)
Library 1000 (1000 Sq.ft.) 1 (2550 Sq.ft.)
Atrium 1 (850 Sq.ft.)
Drawing Studio 1 (1300 Sq.ft.)
Store room 2 (100 Sq.ft each) 1 (1300 Sq,ft)
Lifts 3
Staircases 1 2

24 classrooms have been in use since June-2010. Another 12 classrooms will be available from June-2011. This will complete Phase 1 of the project.

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